Louis-Philippe Rivest au WWGP2014

Le Grand Prix Eau Vive aura lieu en mai 2014 au Québec et en Ontario


This is my entry for the 2014 Whitewater Grandprix in Quebec! It’s a recap of my 2013 season. This year, I’ve compete more than normally. I did the Ottawa XL were I did not perform well in Freestyle, but manage to finish 7th in the boatercross. Had a 3 place at The Redbull Neilson race in Quebec with my Bro François L. Nadeau. Then a 2 place in short boat at the King of New York Raquette race. Plus, bought a house, had my second kid and film Crazy whitewater all season to promote my sport that I Love!

Thanks to Quebec Connection (My crew)


- Louis-Philippe Rivest